Monday, April 25, 2016

Shifting Facets: Gigi Kast

(From The Way-Back Files -- Just Cats!, July/August 2000)

Sometimes the answers come to animal healer Gigi Kast through images. Sometimes a story will come to her, she explains, and “the healing may be in the mental story. The problem that’s going on, whether it’s emotional or physical, may have its beginning in another time. Because the emotional body is a timeless body, it doesn’t know when it [the problem] is happening.”

Basically, the Walpole, Maine woman tries to leave herself open to whatever the animal is psychically sending her way. “My healing is not of a typical straight-ahead kind,” she cautions. “I work intuitively and have applied that to animals….My strong spot is helping the spiritual or emotional bodies clear by spontaneously going to the root of the problem.” Often, Kast adds, a healing will occur over the phone while she talks with the animal’s owner, “and I energetically work with them. I channel however this is to happen – perhaps through sound, movement, or seeing the vibration shift with color.” For her, each is simply another facet of the prism.

A former emergency medical technician (EMT) and assistant midwife, she has been working as an animal communicator and energy-field healer for roughly the last 17 years. But even as a child, Kast felt a powerful connection with nature and had a number of intensely spiritual experiences. “I went through a period of time where I wasn’t validated,” she recalls. “But the images were always there. They don’t come all at once, and they come in different ways. You have one particular talent, and mine is direct knowing over the visual or the auditory….The whole animal thing has been in my life from the very beginning, especially with wild animals.”

Seventeen years ago, however, she had “a really in-my-face” psychic experience following her cat Ruby’s disappearance. After a few days of frantic and unsuccessful searching, Kast remembers saying to herself, “Damn! I’m going to find her in a dream.’” That night, she did: “The next morning, I found her body exactly where I had in the dream.”

Then several visual and auditory psychic occurrences took place, and Ruby appeared the front and center in all of them. “She wasn’t going to leave until we got the message, so her spirit stayed with us for awhile.” The message was that Kast would become pregnant in three months’ time…and she did. Kast believed that there was a spiritual connection between the cat and the child she was carrying: when her son was born, his hair was exactly the same color as Ruby’s fur. More than anything, it “showed me the interweaving between the animals, my psychic abilities, and humans.”

These otherworldly experiences involving animals – especially wild ones – kept happening. She’d drive by an animal lying dead in the road, “and I’d have to turn around or stop right there to help them pass over. Sometimes they have an issue they’re worried about – like they’ve left their babies – and you counsel and comfort them. Sometimes an animal would merge with me while I was working, and I would come to understand the animal by becoming the animal.” In that sense, her approach is organic or shamanic, Kast says. “You’re traveling to other realms, as in soul retrieval, bringing back a part of the soul that’s been lost or separated.”

She isn’t a homeopath. But she will sometimes suggest homeopathic remedies to clients, “then refer out because I basically don’t want to have that responsibility over the long haul.” She also makes use of flower essences.

A lot of what she does, however, simply falls within the category of “energy work.” As she puts it, “You’re energy-shifting and healing whatever the attitude or the problem is. So you go back and do a healing coupled with counseling.” She focuses on getting the energy to “shift, so often what comes through me is sound. That promotes a shift in the vibration. Sometimes the sound will come in and break up a block, just like the water vibrates and begins movement. The other thing that sound does is promote regeneration at a higher vibration.” Something as simple as a lullaby can be “a really healing thing.”

Actually, Kast’s messages from the animals – especially those who have passed on – can themselves be as simple and healing as a lullaby. Case in point: a recently euthanized 10-month-old kitten. “I see a strong golden light about her,” the healer says thoughtfully. “This is about loss and letting go, connected with light….This particular light has a very strong glow. That light, whether you’re in body or not, continues.”

(Update: Gigi Kast now lives in Velarde, New Mexico. And she’s still talking to animals.)


Gwynn Rogers said...

What an amazing woman. I admire the depth of her soul to connect with other beings. What a fabulous trait to have. I love hearing these stories.

T. J. Banks said...

I think so, too, Gwynn. I definitely enjoyed the times that I talked with Gigi and was very impressed by her sincerity.

Samantha Mozart said...

What an interesting ability Gigi has. I could use her around here. Seriously, that sound breaks up blockages, that one's light continues, and that the emotional body knows not time -- all elucidating. Sound works for me mostly in the form of music, as I think you know, although wind chimes do quite well, too. And I just downloaded a NY Times piece, "It Didn't Start With You ...," published this weekend online, stating that we inherit our ancestors' traumas in our genes. This is good to know, because now I can blame them. But, really, this is something I have been ruminating on lately -- that whole reincarnation vs. inherited condition.

As always, T.J., I love reading your writing and your stories. This is a good one.

T. J. Banks said...

Thanks, Samantha. Energy work is always fascinating to me. There are really so many different kinds, as Kast's story shows. It's all about tapping into what's beneath the surface, the things that we sense rather than touch.